Innovation and Competitiveness

The ESBN Task Force on Innovation and Competitiveness aims to provide insights to businesses and private sector how they can leverage Innovation and technology to remain competitive while keeping people and planet at the center. The task force aims to share knowledge of policies and initiatives to encourage, recognize and reward technology/product/business model innovations, and facilitate adoption of innovation and design for ensuring competitiveness for SMEs.

The task force currently focuses its activities on scouting for transformative start-ups and innovations in Asia and the Pacific that are doing well by doing good, highlighting best practices case studies based on social and environmental impact and sharing learnings through publications and presentations. It also aims to spur cross-border innovation by showcasing successful innovations that are ripe for adoption in non-home markets in Asia-pacific as well as promote the culture of Open Innovation in SME's and Private sector by participating in forefront multi-stakeholder conferences on Science, Technology and Innovation.



Task Force Chair:

Mr. Akash Bhavsar, Managing Director, Skyquest Technology Group, India


Task Force on Innovation and Competitiveness - Members List