Inter-Island Shipping

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon flew over  Gizo and Marovo Lagoon en router to Solomon Island from Canberra.
He was able to observe the effects of deforestation, climate change and natural disasters.  
The SG was accompanied by Mr. Richard Marles MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs, Australiawho briefed him on the situation.

The provision of efficient, reliable and affordable shipping services to, from, between and with island and archipelagic developing countries presents a number of unique constraints and challenges. Such a provision, however, is vital in helping to bring about economic and social benefits to the people living in Asia and the Pacific. Inter-island shipping is one of the key areas of ESCAP’s work in the field of transport and ESCAP has been advocating for policies to strengthen inter-island shipping and logistics in the Pacific Island Countries, including through high level meeting gathering countries and specialized agencies and organizations active in the region.

ESCAP is committed to assisting the island and archipelagic countries in identifying possible approaches to enhancing the regularity, reliability and affordability of the shipping services. Possible areas of assistance and cooperation may include: (a) Studies, capacity-building activities and policy recommendations on effective strategies for securing regular, reliable and affordable inter-island shipping services; and (b) Advisory services and technical support extended to member countries regarding policy measures on improving maritime transport and related services in the Pacific to foster economic integration and social development in the Pacific sub-region.