Modernization of Statistical Production and Services

Graduating university students. Photo: Maxim Zolotukhin  / World Bank

The world is experiencing a data revolution. As information technology is rapidly becoming ubiquitous, (internet, mobile phones, electronic modes of payments), tremendous amounts of information are being recorded and stored automatically. Could these sources of information, usually designated as “big data” be used by National Statistical Offices to produce official statistics? This is one of the issues discussed under the modernization of statistical products and services area of work.

This data revolution also means new expectations on the part of data users. Increasingly governments, development professionals, media or general public call for statistical data available in a faster way, at a more detailed level of disaggregation, in a more integrated manner by linking data over a wide range of topics. To better serve emerging data needs of users, and to maintain relevance, national statistical offices need to go through a major transformation process; transformation in the way national statistical systems operate and transformation in the way official statistics are produced.

ESCAP supports such modernization of statistical products and services through the creation of, and support to, a regional strategic advisory body (SAB-AP) tasked with identifying regional priorities for work in that area and overseeing the activities of a number of technical working groups addressing specific issues related to modernization.