Myanmar Business Survey Training Workshop

27 Jan 2014 to 28 Jan 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

With vast natural resources, a young and abundant population and ongoing economic reforms supported by the international community, Myanmar has the potential to achieve fast economic development. The success of this process is highly dependent on the adoption of a coherent and appropriate combination of policy measures in key sectors of its economy. However, a lack of information on the conditions and environment in which businesses operate represents a major obstacle in identifying effective policy recommendations. The Survey on Businesses in Myanmar 2014 aims to fill this gap and assess the status of the business community by conducting the first-ever nation-wide business survey.

OECD and UN ESCAP have completed the first phase of the Multi-Dimensional Review of Myanmar, in coordination with the Government of Myanmar, providing a comprehensive policy diagnostic tool and blending the strengths of proven OECD and UN ESCAP analytical instruments, tailored to the context of a multi-faceted economy with multiple opportunities and challenges. Within the second phase of the review, which aims at providing more specific policy recommendations, OECD and UNESCAP are carrying out a business survey to be conducted jointly with UMFCCI. In this connection, the first training workshop was organized at UMFCCI in Yangon, Myanmar, in December 2013, to improve the capacity of the survey team and to provide them with the tools to successfully conduct the survey.


The second Myanmar Business Survey training workshop, organized by UN ESCAP, is designed to report and evaluate the work progress on data collection as well as identify challenges faced by Area Managers and their teams, with the overall goal of improving the data collection process. At this early stage of development, UN ESCAP intends to maximize the chances of success for this survey by monitoring and evaluating data collection practices. An assessment of the survey environment and preliminary data will also result in an enhanced action plan. The Project Manager and eight Area Managers are expected to participate in the workshop.

The specific objectives of the training workshop are:

1) To evaluate work progress regarding the data collection
2) To review the processes of data collection in different parts of Myanmar
3) To share experiences from field work, including survey environments and challenges the survey teams face
4) To improve the processes and methods of data collection

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