First Corridor Meeting of Clusters for Transport Facilitation in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

21 Feb 2014
Almaty, Kazakhstan

This meeting is part of work to increase the capacity of member States to formulate and implement transport facilitation measures relating to the application of the Cross-Border and Transit Transport Process Management Toolkit. Jointly developed by ESCAP and UNCTAD, the toolkit uses UNCTAD’s cluster methodology to develop a collaborative structure that brings stakeholders involved in cross-border and transit transport in landlocked and transit developing countries together to discuss the issues of transit transport and coordinate their facilitation measures. The objective of this meeting is to review findings from the current applications of the toolkit in the context of inter-country issues. The meeting will also discuss issues relating to a draft action plan for the use of these clusters at the level of intermodal transport corridors based around existing routes of the Asian Highway and the Trans-Asian Railway and potential trade flow.