Asia-Pacific Think Tank Summit - Managing Transitions, Trade and Turmoil: The Role of Think Tanks

10 Nov 2019 to 12 Nov 2019
Bangkok, Thailand
Open meeting

Organised by the ESCAP and TTCSP, with the support of ARTNeT and ERIA, the Asia - Pacific Think Tank Summit will take place on 10-12 November in Bangkok.

The Asia-Pacific Think Tank Summit provides a platform for learning, exchange of practices and incubation of new ideas and approaches to sustainable development for diverse group of economies amidst the great disruptors. It will also provide an opportunity to discuss issues related to establishment or strengthening the think tank institutions in support of the long-term evidence-based policymaking. Finally, it is an opportunity for representatives of member States’ governments to meet other partners, think tanks and knowledge and policy leaders engaged in identifying options for sustainable development of the region for claiming the Asian Century.

10 November 2019 – Opening and Gala dinner at Anantara Siam Hotel, Bangkok starting at 16.00 hours.
11 November 2019 – Day 1 Summit sessions in UNCC, ESCAP starting at 9.00 hours
12 November 2019 – Day 2 Summit sessions in UNCC, ESCAP starting at 9.00 hours

Programme and information note:
Tentative programme and information note will be coming soon.

Registration to attend the Asia - Pacific Think Tank Summit is here:

Participants are recommended to book their own accommodation at Grande Centre Point using this registration form as there will be a shuttle to UNCC, ESCAP leaving from this hotel: