About ESCAP Sustainable Business Network

Consisting of executives and representatives of leading businesses in a wide range of industries and sectors from across the Asia-Pacific region, the ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN) is set up to drive businesses in working towards the 2030 Sustainable Agenda and associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Members of the ESBN consist of business leaders, CEOs, representatives, and experts from or operating in regional and associate member countries/economies of ESCAP. All members conform to and promote ethical and responsible business practices, and fully subscribe to the United Nations principles and norms.

The ESBN actively engages in promoting inclusive, resilient, and sustainable development through public-private partnerships, launching, and implementing activities/projects to enable the adoption, practice, and implementation of SDGs, particularly those in relation to their Task Forces.
The ESBN consists of the following Task Forces:

- Banking and Finance Chair: Lee George Lam
- Digital Economy Chair: Phang Yew Kiat
- Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction Chair: Asif Ibrahim
- Green Business Chair: Carson Wen
- Innovation and Competitiveness Chair: Akash Bhavsar
- Youth and Women Entrepreneurship Chair: Pedro Eloy