About ESCAP’s Business Advisory Council

Mr. Mahbubur Rahman
Mr. Mahbubur Rahman
Chairman, ESCAP Business Advisory Council, Chairman, ETBL Holdings Ltd. & President, International Chamber of Commerce- Bangladesh

Consisting of executives and representatives of leading businesses in a wide range of industries and sectors, from across the Asia-Pacific region, the ESCAP Business Advisory Council (EBAC) was established in 2004 in Shanghai, China. EBAC’s establishment took place at the first ever Asia-Pacific Business Forum (APBF), which is the only region-wide multi-stakeholder business forum, organized by ESCAP. Since EBAC’s establishment, EBAC members have provided substantive support and in-kind contributions which have continued to enhance APBF’s reach and platform for engaging on development issues affecting the region.

In 2011, EBAC adopted a revised terms of reference and renewed its focus on providing guidance and support to ESCAP’s programmes of work in general and the organization of APBF in particular. The council has grown to close to 50 members and continues to expand, in order to achieve its goal of being truly representative of the business sector in the region, consisting of large to small business, covering an array of economic sectors and a wide range of industries.

EBAC aims to provide business perspectives on development issues in the Asia-Pacific region to governments as represented in the legislative bodies of ESCAP, in particular (but not limited to) the Committee on Trade and Investment, and the ESCAP Commission, as well as provide advice to the ESCAP secretariat on its programmes and projects.

Members of EBAC consist of business leaders, CEOs, representatives and experts from or operating in regional member and associate member countries/economies of ESCAP. EBAC members conform to and promote ethical and responsible business practices, and fully subscribe to United Nations principles and norms. They strive towards full implementation of the principles of the Global Compact, which is a strategic UN policy initiative for socially committed businesses to ensure that markets, commerce, technology and finance advance in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere.

EBAC’s management consists of an elected Chair and Vice-Chair; elections occur every two years. The current Chairperson is Mr. Mahbubur Rahman, Chairman, ETBL Holdings Ltd. & President, International Chamber of Commerce- Bangladesh and the current Vice Chairperson is Dr. Lee George LAM, Non-Executive Chairman - Hong Kong and ASEAN Region, Chief Adviser to Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets Asia, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (Hong Kong) Limited.