EBAC/SBN News, Spring 2015


Several EBAC related meetings will be held at ESCAP at ESCAP’s conference centre in Bangkok during the week of 17 May 2015. The detailed schedule is as follows:

  • 18 May (Monday)

    • Afternoon: Task Force meetings (optional)

  • 19 May (Tuesday):

    • Morning: Task force meetings (optional)

    • Afternoon: Ninth EBAC meeting

    • Evening: EBAC dinner hosted by Ms. Barbara Meynert at the British Club

  • 20 May (Wednesday)

    • Corporate sustainability event

    EBAC and SBN are expected to take a leading role in this high-level event and are invited to suggest suitable speakers as soon as possible (in addition to any SBN task force Chair and EBAC member who wishes to participate and speak). All EBAC members and associate members are invited and, in fact, strongly encouraged, to attend this event which is organized at the request of the ESCAP Executive Secretary as a pre-event to the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development and as part of her role as Sherpa of the Secretary General for G-20 which has taken up the issue of inclusive business under presidency of Turkey.

  • 21-22 May (Thursday and Friday)

    • Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD)

      For more information on the APFSD, including its expected outcomes, visit www.unescap.org/events/apfsd/.


EBAC members are reminded to review the attached revised guidelines and provide feedback before the 9th meeting of EBAC. The guidelines will be formally adopted at the 9th meeting.


New Member of the Task Force on Digital Economy

Mr. Albert Oung
Founding Chairman and CEO, Green Inc. Group of Companies

Mr. Albert Oung is an entrepreneur with 30 years of commercial and industrial experience with a special emphasis on green economy, transforming and commercializing common practices into a sustainable and responsible business model. He is the Founding Chairman and CEO of the Green Inc. Group of Companies in Hong Kong, China. The group manages a diversified green business portfolio which includes capital funding, technology consulting, eco-tourism, renewable materials and energy development and waste management. He is also the Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Myanmar Chamber of Commerce; the Founder and President of the World Green Organisation and the Green Institute of Hong Kong. He has earned various local and international environmental and industrial awards especially in helping out to set different green industrial standards. Mr. Oung is a Myanmar born Chinese who is raised in Hong Kong, China and completed his bachelor degree of commerce and economics at the University of Toronto.

New Member of the Task Force on Regional Integration and Connectivity

Dr. Shi Xing Yan
Research Director, HP Labs Singapore

Dr. YAN Shi Xing is Research Director of HP Labs Singapore, the innovation engine for HP Enterprise Group in the Asia-Pacific region. He is also Principal Investigator of ASTRI-HP Information Technology Research Centre, Hong Kong, china. He has been leading the research projects at HP Labs Singapore in the areas of big data analytics and cloud computing. His research contributed to a number of research publications, US patents and technology transfers to HP products. Dr. Yan is a senior member of IEEE and also a member of Working Group on Provision, Interoperability and Use of Cloud Services for the Hong Kong Government.

New Advisor of the Task Force on Trade and Transport Facilitation

Mr. Crisanto S. Frianeza
Secretary General, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)

Mr. Crisanto Frianeza is currently the Secretary General of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI). Mr. Frianeza has more than 25 years professional experience in economic and social policy development. He is involved in capacity building programmes as concurrent Executive Director of the Philippine Chamber Development Institute, Alternate Chair of the Philippine-German Technical-Vocational Education Project and a member of the Department of Science and Technology Advisory Committee on Science and Technology Scholarships. He is Private Sector Development Manager, Local Government Support Program of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and also the manager of various initiatives on trade facilitation, SME development, climate change adaptation and mitigation, good governance and investment climate promotion.

New Advisor of the Task Force on Trade and Transport Facilitation

Mr. Ian Satchwell
Director, International Mining for Development Centre

Mr. Ian Satchwell is Director of the International Mining for Development Centre, a joint venture between The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland, supported by the Australian Government. The Centre provides practical research, advisory, education and training services to developing nations across mining-related issues. Ian has 28 years of experience in minerals, energy and development policy at national and international levels, operating at the business-government-community interface. He has worked on projects in Australia, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Until 2011 Ian held senior management roles in Australian economics consultancy firms, advising industry, government and indigenous organizations on strategies for development of minerals and energy projects, infrastructure and local economies. Previously, Ian held executive positions within four different minerals and energy industry bodies. Ian has been closely involved with business and policy advocacy in his past roles as National President of the Australia Indonesia Business Council, Chairman of the Services Forum at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, Director of the Australian Services Roundtable, and Board Member of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia.


New Task Force on Innovation and Competitiveness

The Task Force on Innovation and Competitiveness is currently recruiting members. Those interested please contact the Task Force Chair, Mr. Akash Bhavsar or EBAC secretariat.

Banking and Finance

A workshop on responsible banking is planned to be held in Hong Kong, China in late April or early May 2015. The objective of the workshop is to identify the key issues of promoting sustainable development in the banking and finance sector in Asia and the Pacific. The second workshop in Singapore is also planned to further advocate the importance of the cooperation between the policymakers and the banking and finance sectors for sustainable development.

Green business

Mr. Carson Wen, Chairman of the Task Force on Green Business, went to Dili, Timor Leste, from 5 to 7 February 2015 with Dr. Noeleen Heyzer, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General on Timor Leste and Professor Kishore Mahbubani, Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy of the National University of Singapore. Mr. Wen, on behalf of the task force, gave away over 1000 Nokero solar lights through the UN representative office to kick off the "Lighting Lives" project. Other 50 lights were also handed by him to Premier Xanana Gusmao at a ceremony named "Lighting a Bright and Sustainable Future - for Timor Leste and Beyond" on 5 February.

The Guidebook on Best Practices for Green Business has been jointly prepared by the Task Force on Green Business and ESCAP’s Environment Development Division. It is planned to be launched in June/July 2015.

Micro & SMEs

The Task Force on MSMEs & Entrepreneurship in Business & Development is currently preparing an Internet seminar on socially responsible business under the “Young Business Leaders programme” in collaboration with the National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research of India and Pacific Islands Trade & Invest. The seminar is planned to be held on 4 and 5 June 2015. The programme will be beamed on two days from the Central Studio of NITTTR, Chandigarh, India.

Trade and Transport Facilitation

In cooperation with the Task Force on Trade and Transport Facilitation, International Road Union (IRU) will commission a study on the "Economic Benefits of TIR - UNESCAP Focus."

The Task Force also completed a study on "Accession to TIR Convention, 1975: Value for Pakistan's Trade and Transit Vision" prepared by the National Institute of Management, Govt. of Pakistan National School of Public Policy. This document has been prepared with the specific objective to expedite Pakistan's accession to the TIR Convention and has been conducted after making detailed research and obtaining the necessary information from IRU and other sources. Although this report is Pakistan specific, it does include economic benefits of TIR, which are relevant to a number of the Asia-Pacific countries. The study is available at the EBAC secretariat.

The Transport Division of ESCAP has been appointed as the official backstopping division of this task force.

An article of Mr. Chandran Nair in the Financial Times

“Real challenge is in Asia, Africa and Latin America” is available at:


The Other Hundred, a not-for-profit photo-book initiated by the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT), was launched at the Pacific Place Mall, Hong Kong, China on 5 March 2015. www.theotherhundred.com

GIFT’s 40th Global Leaders Programme will be held in Hong Kong, China and Sri Lanka from 16-27 March 2015. www.global-inst.com.

OECD will hold the Southeast Asia Regional Programme Business Network Meeting in Bali on 24 March 2015.

ESCAP and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will jointly organize the “Towards Sustainable Development: Partnership for Innovation and Technological Capacity Building in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) of Asia and the Pacific Region” in Bangkok on 28 and 29 April 2015.

ESCAP will also organize the Regional UNNExT Workshop on Paperless Trade Facilitation for SMEs in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 4-6 May 2015.

European Organisation for Sustainable Development will organize a two-day Global Sustainable Finance Conference in Karlsruhe, Germany from 11 to 12 June 2015. http://eosd.org/en/gsfc_fi.html.


  1. Business and Development in Myanmar: A Policy Handbook for Private Sector Development

    Available here.

  2. OECD/UNESCAP Multi-dimensional Myanmar Review: Volume 2. In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

    Available here.